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New Study Shows Fasting Boosts Immune System

Science May Just Be Catching Up With What Fasting Proponents Have Experienced For Years

The healing effects of fasting have long been promoted by thousands of practitioners.   Health pioneers like Norman Walker and Paul C Bragg documented the ability of fasting to support healing and health as early as the beginning of the 1900s.   Finally science is having to admit that perhaps there is something to all the buzz.

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By Josh Paniagua

A new study conducted at the University of Southern California suggests that not only can prolonged fasting help prevent immune system damage, but can produce hematopoietic stem cells which generates blood and cells in the immune system.

Periods of 2-4 days at a time over a 6-month period was found to destroy aged and damaged cells. Interestingly, this principle can theoretically be applied to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. For those of you who don’t know, chemotherapy kills cancer cells, but it also essentially destroys everything else in your body, including your immune system. And with this new information, fasting could potentially be an effective way to combat the side-effects of chemo.

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