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Mistakes To Avoid When Juicing For Kids

Learn How To Make Sure Your Kids Get The Benefit Of Juicing

No doubt that juicing has many potential benefits for children as well as for adults.   Juicing can start really anytime after 1 1/2 years old, but the key is to actually get kids to drink the juice regularly.  Overall it’s important that the juices taste great.   Read this quick article for a good introduction to the topic.

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…I have learnt there are definite dos and dont’s , when it comes to juicing with kids.

1 – too spicy

… if the juice is too ‘hot’ with spice, it may put your child off juicing altogether…juicing-for-kids

2 – too complicated

I know first hand that simple is best, especially when juicing is a new experience.

3 – too green

Everyone seems to be juicing and blending green drinks lately, but caution needs to be taken with younger children…

4 – too strong

…all juices should have the majority of the juice made up of a base. The base is a neutral flavour like cucumber, carrots or celery…

5 – too much

…be realistic of your child’s age and how long they have been drinking fresh juice. Starting small is an easy way to let them get accustomed with drinking a daily juice to build their juicing habit.

Taste will leave a glass empty

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