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Juice Bars Taking Over The Midwest

Juicing Just In Hollywood Or New York City?  Not Anymore.  The Juicing Trend Spreads.

Juicing has long been a common health practice in places like California and in big cities of the east coast like New York and Miami, but would you be surprised to learn that juice bars are popping up all over the country.   Take Indiana, for example.  Not the most likely place to find a juicing trend, but that’s just what is happening.   And the juice bars that are popping up are not just chains like Jamba Juice – they are locally owned independent juice bars truly dedicated to the business of health and healing through raw juicing.


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by Danielle Waldron

Rinse, peel, press, repeat.

Juice isn’t something you renounce after grade school anymore — juice bars and cafes are popping up throughout the country, building an estimated $100 million per year market, the L.A. Times reports.

Juice bars, like Rein Juicery in South Bend and The Moringa Tree in Elkhart, are tapping into that market by pressing locally sourced, raw fruits and veggies. They appeal to health-minded folks who want a nutrient boost or, for those who are ready to take the next step, a juice cleanse.

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