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How One Woman Completely Healed 20 Years Of Serious Skin Issues With Raw Juices

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Doctors Told Her Diet Would Have No Effect On Her Psoriasis But She Tried Juicing Anyway And Her Body Started Healing in Just 2 Weeks!

This amazing story comes from a young woman from the UK who did her own research on how to help skin and found out that a diet based on the right kinds of raw juices works wonders for skin.   We hope you enjoy this post and….

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By Hanna Sillitoe

….I’ve had plaque and guttate psoriasis for over twenty years. This year saw a horrific flare which left my skin looking worse than it’s ever been. I was covered from my scalp to my ankles in this bright red scaly rash. It was so painful there were days I was unable to leave the house. On the days I had to go out, I covered myself in moisturiser and wrapped my body in cling film. The feeling of clothes brushing against red raw skin would leave me crying in agony and I was exhausted from the relentless itching, which kept me awake at night. In addition my mouth and eyelids were covered in eczema. Despite my severe physical and emotional distress, the doctors kept telling me, aside from temporary remission using steroid creams or immunosuppressants, they could offer no permanent solution to this unbearably painful skin condition….img_4209

…I began researching the influence of food on skin and came across the concept of juicing, simply extracting the juice from raw fruit & veg. I read about Juicemaster Jason Vale and juice documentary film maker Joe Cross – these giants of juicing had successfully cleared themselves of their autoimmune illnesses, the principle seemed to make sense and if it had worked for them, why not me? I was inspired to give it a try….

I spent the first week on a diet restricted to drinking green alkalising juices, freshly made using broccoli, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach and avocado. Within days, the pain and itching began to subside and after two weeks the redness and scaling began to rapidly disappear. Yes, the diet was restrictive, but my energy shot up and I felt amazing! Seeing my skin clear was the only motivation required. Within weeks I was able to go out in short sleeves, I will never forget that day. Clear skin is something so many people take for granted  but for anyone with a skin condition, the pain can quickly become physically, mentally and emotionally unbearable.

By flooding my body with an abundance of liquid nutrients I was literally pouring in alkaline goodness whilst asking very little of my body in terms of digestion.  In addition, juicing altered the way I viewed food, it gave me a phenomenal energy boost, I came off sugar, alcohol, sweeteners and white processed rubbish and began to crave salads, fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. It truly prompted a catalyst for change. I went from sitting around on the sofa, stuffing my face with pizza, pasta, sweets and wine – feeling fat and miserable, to craving healthy meals and exercise….

…This year has seen me fully eliminate my psoriasis and eczema, I no longer suffer from the recurring kidney infections which plagued me every few months and my blood pressure, which was always high, is consistently normal. In addition, my new lifestyle has seen me lose over 65lbs in excess body fat. My juicing and clean diet have given me the energy to weight train, cycle, swim in open water, fell run, I even completed my first triathlon last month! I look back at the person I was and question how I ‘d allowed myself to become so lethargic and sick.

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