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Amazing Tumeric Juice Can Kill Tumors


Discover The Power Of This Simple Root Vegetable Juice

We at The Juicer’s Friend certainly love tumeric juice and have been using it for years.  In fact, we juice so much tumeric through our old Green Star Juicer that it literally turned orange.   Tumeric has some amazing healing properties that many people are unaware of.  Recently it has been linked to he prevention of cancer as well as to the ability to kill off certain kinds of tumors.

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One new study recently published in the Journal of Anticancer Research has shown that the extract liposomal curcumin of turmeric may be an effective alternative to chemotherapy treatment in those suffering a lethal pancreatic cancer.  Researchers from the Department of Molecular Biology and Immunology and the Institute for Cancer Research, University of North Texas Health Science Center conducted the study through in vitro with mice…turmeric


Health Benefits of Turmeric Root

Turmeric is already known for its ability to fight lethal cancers, and hopefully this new research will show just how useful its powerful extracts can be. It has already been used for centuries in both Ayurveda and Chinese medicines.  It should only be a matter of time before turmeric extracts are incorporated into medicinal spices and treatments.  Turmeric is also a natural liver detoxifier and cleanses the kidney. It speeds up metabolism and aids in weight management, giving it its superfood title.  Some studies have even shown turmeric to heal and alleviate symptoms of depression, damaged skin, and arthritis….

Turmeric Sunrise Juice

You’ll Need

2 Apples
3 Stalks Celery
3 Carrots
2 Pears
1 Thumb-sized Ginger Root
6 Thumb-sized Turmeric Root
2 Lemons, peeled

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