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Amazing Health Turn Around For Boy George

​The Iconic Star From The 1980s Uses Raw Juicing To Transform His Life

If you were older than 10 years old in the 1980s you most probably remember the band Culture Club and its flamboyant lead singer, Boy George.  Well has it turns out by 2009 he was like a lot of people – obese, sick and tired all the time.   He discovered raw foods and juicing and literally turned his life around.    Just check out the pictures below.

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He’s a more reflective, but sill cheeky George, a raw vegan who tweets his favorite recipes to fans. He thinks he looks better than ever and feels the same. Here’s why.

The last thing you ate?
Today I’m having a juicing day so I had a liter of greens basically. Cucumber, spinach, parsley, lemon, and apple. Last night I made some almond milk which I had [this morning] with lucuma powder, a probiotic, and blueberries with a couple of mature dates to kinda sweeten it. In the morning, raw foodists don’t normally have breakfast. We have a lot of fluids. So I make all these different drinks which are quite strengthening.

While recording the new Culture Club album in London, did any part of the creative process involve group outings—hopefully the guys like to eat as much as you do?
They like to eat but not what I eat. To them the raw vegan thing is “just another crazy thing that George is doing. Another one of his quirky things that he does.

What’s a typical morning like?
I’ll have a shower then I’ll do my prayers. I’m a Buddhist so I chant Nam-Myōhō-Renge-Kyō.   I’ll have my breakfast after I’ve done my prayers. Buckwheat porridge or some normal rolled oats porridge or some kind of juice. But I do eat vegetables in the morning as well, like the Japanese. I have no problem with that. People say “You eat vegetables in the morning?” Like, YEAH. You eat what you feel like eating.

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