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3 Ways A Juice Cleanse Heals

Discover Important Ways A Juice Fast Can Support Your Health

There are certainly many upsides to completing a juice fast or cleanse.   Many people start out with the goal of simply losing some weight and feeling more energetic.   And yet that may just be one of the most superficial effects of juicing.    Juice fasting actually works on a much deeper level to help the body restore itself.   At The Juicer’s Friend, we love juice fasting a couple times of year for 7-10 days.    Here are some major reasons why….

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By Tyler Tolman

What exactly is unique about fresh-juice fasting that heals and builds the body?….Fasting is Nature’s pathway to physical, mental and spiritual renewal.

Body Benefits

As we eat a regular diet, we store energy from the calories we consume. So, for the first two or three days of a fast, the body runs on glycogen, which is Healthy-Juice-fastingglucose stored in the liver. After this energy is depleted, the body switches to rapidly burning its own fat through a process called ketosis. This, in turn, creates stem cells, which have an amazing ability to promote profound healing throughout the body…

Busting Bad Stuff

One of the biggest breakthroughs in history is the revelation that we can naturally reverse and heal from chronic disease through fasting. Dr. Herbert M. Shelton has pioneered research on autolyzing tumors. This means that the body, when lacking protein from fasting, can actually deconstruct proteins that compose tumors, polyps, cysts, abcesses and viruses…

Brain Food, Soul Food

Even one day of fasting stimulates neurons in the brain. And if you go beyond two or three days, the brain actually forms new neural networks-your brain literally grows and you become more intelligent….

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