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10 Reasons To Drink Fresh Lemon Juice Daily

Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice Provides Some Surprising Health Benefits

Lucky for all of us that fresh lemons are easy to find anywhere in the world at low prices pretty much year round.   That’s because drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice is associated with numerous health benefits.   The most common one, of course, is the fact that lemon juice alkalizes the digestive system and supports proper and complete digestive function.   Beyond that, there are some other powerful effects listed below.   At The Juicer’s Friend we like our lemon juice mixed in cool purified water in the summer and warm purified water in the winter, often with just a touch of honey.   As a rule of thumb we mix the juice of one medium sized lemon with about 12 ounces of water.

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  1. Balance pH: While lemons may seem quite acidic, they’re a surprisingly good source of an alkaline food that can help balance your body’s pH.
  2. Prevent kidney stones: Drinking one half-cup of lemon juice every day raises citrate levels in the urine. Studies have shown that this could protect against calcium stones in the kidney.
  3. Soothe a sore throat: Mixing lemon juice with honey can help alleviate the discomfort that comes from a nasty sore throat.
  4. Support weight loss: Beyond the old notion that the Master Cleanse was the only way lemons could help you lose weight, new studies have lemon-juiceshown the ways lemon juice supports your goals. Lemon juice contains pectin, a soluble fiber that has been shown to aid in weight-loss struggles.
  5. Start your day right: Leave caffeinated drinks behind, and start your day off with hot water and fresh lemon juice to stimulate your digestive track and add vitamin C.
  6. Stop an itch: When it comes to poison ivy or insect bites, rubbing lemon juice on the area can soothe the skin, since it has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic effects.
  7. Aids in digestion: Dr. Oz is a big believer in the power of lemon juice for weight loss. He suggests drinking a mixture of lemon juice and flaxseeds in order to eliminate waste more quickly from your body.
  8. Anticancer properties: Studies have supported the anticancer activity of citrus liminoids, compounds that protect your cells from damage that can lead to the formation of cancer cells.
  9. Potassium power: Bananas aren’t the only way to get a big helping of potassium in your system. In addition to vitamin C, lemons offer 80 milligrams of this mineral that helps your body stay strong and nimble.
  10. Bring down a fever: Forget the days of starving a fever! When your temperature goes up, drinking a lemon juice mixture can help bring your fever down faster.

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